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Six licenses for sharing your work

A short pamphlet that explains how Creative Commons licenses work.

Guide to using public domain tools

A short pamphlet that explains how public domain tools work.

Wanna Work Together?

Quick video explaining how CC licenses work.

Get CC Savvy

A perfect place to start. a course explaining the basics of Creative Commons.

A Shared Culture

A short video explaining what Creative Commons is.

Building on the Past

Video explaining how creativity always builds on the past

CC Sweden poster

A poster explaining how to choose a Creative Commons license.

CC Licenses Poster

Poster outlining what each CC license allows users to do.

Open Educational Resources: What's In It For Me?

Poster with reasons to support Open Educational Resources

Why Open Education Matters

Animated introduction to open educational resources.

Creative Commons licenses for nonprofits

A video for nonprofits and educators that outlines the basics of open resources.